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Some samples below;

Joey’s Boat

Joseph used to have a boat,

He sailed all the time.

A sturdy craft, though somewhat small,

But still, it floated fine.

Meticulous he kept his craft,

He knew its every line.

Polished lacquer all around

And every inch did shine.

Every day he’d take it out

And search about the lake.

Looking, playing, thinking, and dreaming,

All in his small wake.

Endless sun-filled afternoons and

Quiet moonless nights.

Days with water smooth as glass

Or tossed by storms delight…    continued in book…


The young horse was free once

it ran wild through the hills

and across the plains

wind blowing through its mane

the thunder of its hooves echoing along the canyons

running for the pure pleasure of movement

an expression of its passionate soul

and the freedom it possessed…       continued in book…


This day is a poem, but with unspoken words.

What’s usually read is now sung by the birds.

What’s usually felt as a page in my hand

is the sun on my back and my toes in the sand.

Waves crashing on rocks, cool mist on my face,

gulls riding the air with Shakespearean grace.

Such beauty and magic and sparkling light.

Quick! give me a pen and some paper to write.